Personal data processing

25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union on protection of personal data entered into force.

Please note how ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation (the Company) is processing the data under the provisions of the Regulation:

  • The Company is processing the data only on legal grounds, transparently and in good faith;

  • The Company is processing the data only for the specific predetermined purposes;

  • The Company is processing the data only to the extent that is necessary for the processing purposes;

  • The Company ensures precision of the processed data – imprecise data shall be corrected or deleted;

  • The Company is not preserving the data longer than the required term;

  • The Company guarantees integrity and confidentiality of the processed data.

Please read the full version of the Bank’s Personal Data Processing principles, which provide details on the purposes of data processing, data categories and categories of data recipients, rights of the data subjects and other important information.