Broadly, bank confidentiality means the banker’s professional commitment to safety and non-disclosure of financial and personal information on the customer and his business.

ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation, sees strict observance of banking confidentiality as one of the key principles of its activities that is regulated by the Latvian law and professional ethics. In accordance with the applicable Credit Institution Law of the Republic of Latvia (Section 61), it is the duty of a credit institution to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity, accounts, deposits and transactions of clients. Disclosure of such data is subject to legal prosecution. Such information may be provided to specific persons or government institutions in cases strictly provided for in the laws (Sections 62 – 63).

ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation, acts in strict compliance with the Latvian banking laws and the world banking practice and guarantees full safety and non-disclosure of data supplied by our customers. Access to customer information is limited to a narrow scope of qualified employees that have passed appropriate training and continue to improve their knowledge.

Following the letter of the law, the bank does not provide customer information to any third persons or organisations, except in the following two cases:

  • by the relevant agreement between the customer and the bank;
  • if required in accordance with the Latvian law.

Its well-developed technological base and improvement of the means for data collection and processing enable us to adhere to the highest standards of information storage.