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Two Winners of Photo Contest for 2018 Calendar Announced

Riga, Latvia, August 18, 2017, 18:09 / Banking

Yesterday, on 17 August, at ABLV Bank headquarters the signing copyright agreements with the winners of photo contest for ABLV 2018 calendar took place. The winners are Jānis Paļulis with his series of photos “Beauty of Mighty Nature” and Imants Urtāns with his collection of “Stories of Daugava”.

Management company comment about ABLV open-end mutual funds in July, 2017

Riga, Latvia, August 8, 2017, 10:38 / Investments

In July, global bond market was demonstrating multidirectional movements. One of the key topics determining performance of any market was the forgotten issue of exchange rates. ECB Head Mario Draghi’s announcement at the end of June, where he in some way shocked investors with his positive comments on economic situation in Eurozone and hinted that the end of QE programme is right around the corner, caused a rather sharp growth of EUR against USD.

With Support of ABLV, Alexandre Vassiliev Opens Another Exhibition in Riga

Riga, Latvia, August 4, 2017, 10:19 / Banking

From 3 August until 1 October the Museum of Decorative Art and Design (10/20 Skārņu Street, Riga) is welcoming you to visit an exhibition “Children’s World. 18th–20th Century”, which is the ninth exhibition arranged by fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev in Riga with the financial support of our bank.

ABLV Invitational Golf Tournament 2017

Riga, Latvia, August 1, 2017, 16:29 / Banking

Among our summer events, on 22 July, the annual ABLV Invitational Golf Tournament was held at Ozo Golf Club.

2016 Annual Report: Fortitude Published

Riga, Latvia, July 25, 2017, 08:29 / Banking

We hereby officially announce 2016 Annual Report: Fortitude is published. This year the topic of the issue is fortitude — due to ever-tighter regulation, and countless inspections by regulators and auditors, which the bank passed all well.

Pillar H1 2017: New Hanza Construction Continues, Street Names Approved

Riga, Latvia, July 17, 2017, 11:07 / Investments

In the first six months of 2017, Pillar was actively working on the development of the business and leisure area New Hanza, as well as continued selling out its real estate portfolio.

Coupon payment under ABLV FXD USD 110718 and ABLV FXD EUR 110718

Riga, Latvia, July 11, 2017, 11:34 / Investments

On 11th of July, 2017, coupons under ABLV FXD USD 110718 (LV0000802072) and ABLV FXD EUR 110718 (LV0000802080) bonds were paid out according to the following parameters:

ABLV Bank, AS redeemed two coupon bond issues

Riga, Latvia, July 7, 2017, 11:53 / Investments

On July 7, 2017, ABLV Bank, AS redeemed straight coupon bonds ABLV FXD USD 070717 (ISIN LV0000801751) and ABLV FXD EUR 070717 (ISIN LV0000801769) issued in 2015. The bonds were redeemed at 100% of the face value, and at the same time the last coupon payments under these bonds were made.

Management company comment about ABLV open-end mutual funds in June, 2017

Riga, Latvia, July 5, 2017, 16:15 / Investments

In June, on the global stock market, a typical consolidation stage was observed, which was slowly entered by the markets as early as in May. Leading topic for investors both within certain markets and in global scale was rotation which resulted in multidirectional movement among key stock indices and among sectors and industries.

Great Demand for ABLV Bank Bonds

Riga, Latvia, June 30, 2017, 09:26 / Investments

ABLV Bank, AS has performed two new coupon bond issues, their total size amounting to USD 75 million and EUR 20 million at face value. The issues were performed under the Seventh Bond Offer Programme, and the bonds are planned to be included in the Nasdaq Riga regulated market — Baltic Bond List — on 4 July 2017.

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