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International audit company “Deloitte & Touche” conducted the audit of the results of JSC “Aizkraukles banka” financial activity in 2000

February 13, 2001 / Banking

According to independent auditors’ report signed on February 9, 2001 “the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Bank as of 31 December 2000 and the results of its operations and its cash flows for the year ended in accordance with International Accounting Standards”.

The Management of Aizkraukles banka has announced the outstanding results of its activity in 2000

January 8, 2001 / Banking

The main aims of the Bank’s activities during 2000 were not only achieved but exceeded the forecasted results in terms of all the important criteria.

New price lists and regulation of JSC “Aizkraukles banka” settlement cards issue and usage came into effect.

December 1, 2000 / Banking

According to the updated price list, annual payment for corporate cards Eurocard/MasterCard has reduced from 75 USD to 50 USD.

Aizkraukles banka new telephone system

August 21, 2000 / Banking

Starting from September 1, 2000 JSC “Aizkraukles banka” will introduce a new telephone system. At the same time a new service will be offered:

Aizkraukles banka extraordinary Shareholders Meeting

August 14, 2000 / Banking

On August 11, 2000 JSC “Aizkraukles banka” extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting took place, in the course of which the shareholders approved the results of audit made by audit firm “Deloitte & Touche” for the period from January 1, 2000 up to June 30, 2000.

Aizkraukles banka has announced the results of operations for the first half of the year

July 7, 2000 / Banking

JSC “Aizkraukles banka” revenues for the first half of the year 2000 totaled 2,36 million Lats. This amount represents 84,6% of the income planned for this year. The Bank has been preliminary planning to complete this year with the income of 2,79 million Lats.

Aizkraukles banka has announced the results of operations during the first quarter

April 6, 2000 / Banking

Revenues for the first quarter of the year 2000 totalled 765 thousand Lats. This amount represents 27% of the planned income for 2000. The Bank is planning to generate 2.79 million Lats revenue at the end of the year.

The Shareholders Meeting has approved the results of financial operations for the 1999

March 28, 2000 / Banking

JSC “Aizkraukles Banka” Shareholders’ Meeting that took place on Monday, March 27, 2000, has approved the results of financial operations for the year 1999.

Aizkraukles Banka decrease the intrerest rates on loans

February 11, 2000 / Banking

According to the clients’ demands and the overall situation in the Latvian market the management of JSC “Aizkraukes Banka” decided to decrease the annual interest rates on loans.

Aizkraukles banka has announced the results oh the fourth quarter

January 18, 2000 / Banking

The last quarter of year1999 was successful for the Bank and the results of financial operations prove it.

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