Payout of Claims

Information as of 31 March 2021

Total liabilities of ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation (the Company) upon unavailability of deposits in February 2018 amounted to approximately EUR 2.5 billion, EUR 480 million of which were transferred to the Deposit Guarantee Fund in March 2018 for disbursement of all guaranteed compensations (claims ranked in group 1), while slightly more than EUR 2 billion were the funds to be paid out to potential creditors whose claims are ranked in groups 2 through 10; according to the accounting data the number of potential creditors is 3,700.

By now 14 379 liabilities and creditor claims have been satisfied, having paid out a more than half a billion euros – EUR 532 514 749, namely:

  • EUR 449.9 million that have been disbursed from the amount the Company had transferred to the Deposit Guarantee Fund to 14 107 former depositors of the Company (deposits up to EUR 100 000), including EUR 278.1 million disbursed to 3 137 creditors who also have claims ranked in other groups;
  • EUR 79.2 million that have been paid out to 232 creditors.

The total assets of the Company is completely sufficient for fully covering all creditor claims.

More information about the payout of creditor claims is available here.