Lending to Individuals

If you need financing to achieve your goals, we will offer you favourable conditions of mortgage loans.

You can obtain mortgage loans for the following purposes:

  • purchase of new apartment or private house;
  • housing repair or improvement;
  • business needs;
  • refinancing of obligations or other purposes.

Contact our loan manager to find the solution tailored exactly to your needs.

  • Mortgage Loans

    We offer you loans for housing purchase and provide financing for other purposes secured by housing mortgage. We ensure convenient process of handling the formalities regarding the loan and ownership right, provide favourable lending conditions, and other related services.

  • Loan for Business Needs

    If you need funds for business needs, we can offer you financing secured by property mortgage, based on your current income.

  • ALTUM to families with children for housing purchase

    Our client, a creative professional and mother of two daughters, has been long dreaming about buying a small private house to escape from city hustle and enjoy nature.
    • A significant condition was a kindergarten located nearby. Given our support, the client found a suitable house at reasonable price. The financing provided by us along the state guarantee ALTUM provided to families with children for

    • housing purchase was sufficient for the client to make the downpayment for house purchase and obtain funds for minor repairs. Now the client’s dream has come true, and she settled in new house with her daughters.

    Inese Zandava

    Head of Mortgage Loans Service Department

  • Financing for purchase of parking place

    A family of two young specialists having steady income have been making savings during several years and wanted to obtain financing for purchasing an apartment in a new project.
    • Looking for more comfort, they also planned to buy a car parking place. However, it meant a hindrance for their plans, since more savings were required to make a downpayment.

      The solution was our offer to provide financing for purchase of parking place with the downpayment equal to that necessary for apartment.

    • The family was satisfied with such offer and took a loan from us to buy both the apartment and parking place, using their savings to make the minimum downpayment.

    Inese Zandava

    Head of Mortgage Loans Service Department