We have always ensured not only favourable lending conditions, but also maximum support during the loan repayment period. For successful continuation of cooperation and fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreement, we inform you about the further order of servicing loans.

On 11 July 2018, the European Central Bank (ECB) took a decision to withdraw the license of a credit institution of ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation. This withdrawal of the license is one of the steps provided in the plan of voluntary liquidation of the bank. 

Currently you can make payments for covering your liabilities by paying in cash in EUR or USD, depending on the currency your liabilities are in, at the Cash Desk of the bank at 23 Elizabetes St., Riga, or via bank transfer (detailed instructions available in your Internetbank).

Should you have any questions about restoring or obtaining access to the Internetbank, do not hesitate to call us on +371 6777 5555 in business hours (from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 till 18.00).
  • Property insurance

    Pursuant to provisions of the loan agreement between the customer and ABLV Bank, the real estate used as the loan collateral should be insured during the whole term of the loan agreement, in accordance with ABLV Bank requirements and with ABLV Bank stated as loss payee.

    To ensure more convenience for you, together with our cooperation partners — insurance companies, we have prepared unique and especially beneficial insurance terms only for the clients of ABLV Bank for insuring apartments with ABLV Apartment Insurance. We offer to handle insurance of pledged real estate instead of you, thus making the process of completing a policy compliant with the bank’s requirements easier and automatically debiting the premium from your special account for settlement of liabilities with ABLV Bank.

    We complete the pledged real estate insurance procedure in cooperation with the following partners of ABLV Bank:

    • Seesam Insurance, AS Latvian branch,
    • ERGO Insurance SE Latvian branch.

    In case you wish to arrange insurance of the real estate pledged in favour of ABLV Bank on your own, then within the period stated in the loan and/or mortgage agreement, you have to submit the original of the new insurance policy to ABLV Bank, which should be previously agreed upon with ABLV Bank and should comply with our requirements, including the following:

    • private houses, buildings, and structures should be insured at their replacement value;
    • apartments should be insured either at their current market value or replacement value, whichever is higher;
    • elements of construction of apartments, private houses, buildings, and structures should be insured at their replacement value;
    • where expensive and exclusive finishing solutions are used in apartments or private houses, the finishing should be insured at the value of respective investments, the amount of which should be agreed upon with ABLV Bank;
    • commercial properties should be insured at their current market value;
    • insurance policy should be purchased for one year term;
    • the insurance premium should be paid in a lump sum.

    Original payment order evidencing payment of the whole insurance premium (bearing the signature of the officer of respective credit institution and a seal/stamp, if required by internal regulations of the respective credit institution) should be submitted as well.

    Unless a new policy that is previously agreed upon with ABLV Bank and complies with our requirements is submitted within the period stated above, ABLV Bank shall be entitled to enter into new insurance agreement, choosing the insurance company and conditions at its own discretion. You will be notified of this by SMS informing of insurance policy made and stating the amount of insurance premium, which you shall have to pay within 5 days after the moment of entering into the insurance agreement. To stay informed about the expiry date of the insurance policy, use our Internetbank.

    In case you wish to arrange insurance of the real estate pledged in favour of ABLV Bank on your own or want it to be insured by a company not included in ABLV Bank list, or where insurance amount of a single object exceeds EUR 2 100 000 (or equivalent amount in other currency), the insurance conditions (on all instances mentioned above) and/or the insurance company (if the same is not included in the said list) should be mandatorily agreed upon with ABLV Bank in writing before entering into the insurance agreement.

    ABLV Bank is entitled to decline an insurance agreement the provisions of which have not been previously agreed upon with ABLV Bank in accordance with the above procedure.

    If you have any questions, please contact your private bankers or call Client Line at +371 6700 3300.

    Insurance companies acknowledged by ABLV Bank:

    • Seesam Insurance AS Latvian branch,
    • BTA Insurance Company SE;
    • ERGO Insurance SE Latvian branch.

    ABLV Bank decides on entering into insurance agreements with insurance companies not listed above and acceptance of policies issued by those on a case-by-case basis.

  • Money market indices

    If a floating rate linked to the money market index is determined for the calculation of loan interest, please see the LIBOR and EURIBOR indices here.

  • Additional Information for Customers

    Use your Internetbank ID and password to access customer information.

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