Short-Term Commercial Loans

To ensure daily operations of the company and continuous cash flow, we offer short-term loans which easily allow you to increase your company’s working capital.

Your company can receive and use short-term loans/credit lines for the following purposes:

  • increasing of working capital;
  • financing of deferred payments from buyers;
  • financing of stock of raw materials and finished goods;
  • issuing letters of credit and guarantees.

Our opportunities and advantages:

  • credit line term — up to 2 years;
  • possibility to use the credit line when necessary and repay it when the company has available funds;
  • interest rates corresponding to market level, considered individually and adjusted to the company’s requirements;
  • quick and simple decision-making process, since credit committee is located in Latvia;
  • high confidentiality level;
  • team of experienced lending specialists.

  • Financing for commercial vessels

    Our client, who is operating in the field shipping since early 2000s with a stable fleet, planned to buy a new vessel to replace one of those he already has.
    • Due to its operation time and due to unreasonableness of its further use, he planned to sell the vessel for scrap. Sale of old vessel would ensure only 20% of the sum needed for buying the new one. This client turned to us to co-finance purchase of the new vessel offering the vessel to be bought and one of its current vessels as collateral.

    • Given the adequate value of such collateral, ABLV Bank was able to provide financing in the amount of 100% of the cost of new vessel. A few months later, the client sold the old vessel for scrap and used the funds to return a part of the loan prematurely, which enabled him to decrease the remaining debt and make monthly payments more comfortable for his cash flow.

    Antons Marčenko

    Head of Project Financing Department