Banking services usually begin with payment services. Nowadays, compliance plays crucial role in providing international payment services.

Our private bankers have good understanding of legislation and business environment of various countries, so that they are able to find proper solution, without violating laws and requirements set by regulatory authorities, meanwhile avoiding obstacles for the customer’s business and personal interests.

We provide a wide range of payment cards, so that you can choose the one that meets your interests: e.g. a card for secure payments on the Internet, for spending during your trips abroad, for withdrawing cash and for other needs. We offer MasterCard, VISA, and American Express cards with various financing opportunities – starting from debit cards without credit to VISA Infinite cards, allowing maximum credit limit.

For customers that use our payment services we also offer short-term overdrafts, credit lines, and long-term business loans.

Currency Rates

We Sell We Buy
USD/RUB 58.260 54.300
USD/EUR 0.8144 0.7822
EUR/RUB 71.610 66.740


6 Month, %
EURIBOR (EUR) -0.2710
LIBOR (USD) 2.1819
Zigmārs Bērziņš Head of Mortgage Loans Division

“Every activity has its own philosophy, even such a material area as lending, since hundreds of questions are reviewed daily – questions with people’s lives behind them.”

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