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  • The beginning of a good credit history

    Our client, working in the sphere of industrial and marine equipment wholesale, experienced an urgent need for funds to pay for delivery to his partners. The balance of his current account didn’t allow him to make a payment in the required amount, so the client turned to us for help.
    • At that time, the client opened an EXTRA savings account with the funds he didn’t plan to withdraw urgently. We offered him an overdraft secured with the money on his saving account, the client agreed and managed to make a payment to his partners.

    • Then the client paid off the overdraft ahead of the schedule, and as it turned out it was the first loan in his life. Thus, with our help, the client retained the image of a stable and reliable partner in the eyes of his partners and, in addition, earned a good credit history.

    Andrei Trofimov

    Head of Private Banking Department East

  • Excellent concierge service

    Before the trip to Venice, our client received Visa Infinite payment card with the Concierge service option. However, upon his arrival at the place he faced a problem: together with his family the client was refused in accommodation at the hotel, as for unknown reasons, the hotel reservation had been canceled.
    • The hotel staff assured our client that the booking hadn’t been received from him, and at the moment the hotel had no free rooms. Finding himself on the street, the client called the bank and asked his private banker for advice. Assessing the situation, the private banker suggested to the client that he could safely take advantage of concierge service, for instant, to order another room.

    • The private banker connected the client to an employee of the Concierge service, and in 10 minutes, the client was offered the same room in the hotel he originally booked. How a member of the Concierge service has managed to check-in the client in the hotel with no rooms available still remains a mystery.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West