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  • Investigating incoming payment

    Our client sent us a credit note for the incoming payment – as a guarantee for taking an overdraft to pay for purchased goods. However, in the first half of the day the money stated in the document didn’t come to the bank. So the client got concerned about the situation.
    • According to a credit note the funds passed through the chain of correspondent banks. We could able see that funds only on our correspondent account, and we didn’t find them there. We immediately began to investigate the situation: our Payment Investigation Department made a request for investigation of the payment to the correspondent bank of the sender, and got explanation that the amount had came with incorrect details.

    • Due to the effective work of all participants of the process, the amount under investigation entered our correspondent account in the same business day, the client was immediately granted an overdraft, and its outgoing payments posted on time.

      The client was pleasantly surprised by our efficiency, because, as he said, the similar process with another bank would have taken few days. 

    Mark Mizgayev

    Head of Private Banking Department Center I

  • Apartment in Jurmala and residence permit in Europe

    Our client decided to get a residence permit in Latvia to be always able to freely travel within the European Union.
    • As the object of the required investment the client chose real estate. According to the criteria outlined by the client, we picked out an excellent apartment in Jurmala and completed the necessary documents to obtain a residence permit.

    • Two months after the first discussion of this issue with us, the client and his family have received the desired status. Now they are free to travel around Europe and always have the opportunity to stay in their apartment in the beautiful resort town on the Baltic coast.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West