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  • Overdraft for the successful development of business

    In spring of 2010 during the volcanic eruption in Iceland our client, the supplier of seafood products, got in trouble. Shortly before the eruption, he ordered a batch of seafood in Spain and made a prepayment
    • Due to the interruption of flights, perishable goods were not delivered on time. Not having received the goods, he could not supply them to his customer and get paid. Suppliers agreed to return the prepayment to our client, but it would take time. He did not have enough money to prepay purchase of other goods.

    • The client informed us about his problem and asked for advice. His private banker, having assessed the situation, gave him an overdraft. Thanks to funds provided, the client was able to order goods on time and within a week, when he got back the prepayment from his partners he could fully repay the overdraft.

    Andrei Trofimov

    Head of Private Banking Department East

  • Solving problems over the Phone Bank

    Being on a business trip and meeting with business partners, our client suddenly realized that he forgot to make a significant payment and left the account management tools at home in his safe.
    • Fortunately, a few weeks before the private banker made a regular visit to the client and asked him to add several major contractors in the Phone Bank templates. The required partner was among them.

    • The client phoned the bank and made the order to execute the necessary transfer. It took only a few minutes and allowed the client to continue the business meeting with no worry.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West