Transfers of Securities

Since the license for credit institution operations of ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation (the Company) was withdrawn on 12 July 2018, the Company stopped rendering the investment services.

If the persons who had been rendered the investment services by the Company earlier have the securities still held under custody with the Company, those persons are invited to transfer such securities to the custody with other investment service providers by submitting a respective order to the Company for that purpose.

The announcement inviting to transfer the financial instruments was published in the official journal “Latvijas Vēstnesis” of 18 September 2018. It has been more than 3 years since the announcement, as well sending an individual notification in Internetbank. Taking into account the abovementioned, if the financial instruments belonging to you shall not be immediately transferred to another financial instrument custodian, ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation will sell them at public auctions in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the Credit Institution Law and the General Terms of Liquidation of ABLV Bank, AS in Liquidation, applying the fees in accordance with the rates and charges of the Company.