Second Pension Pillar

If you are a Latvian resident, participation in the second pension pillar enables you to increase your funded pension capital. 

Active strategy has been chosen for ABLV Active Investment Plan of managing the funds of the second pension pillar, the return under which can by all appearances exceed the inflation level. The investment structure of the plan is flexible, ensuring the most beneficial distribution of investments in accordance with the current economic situation.

The objective of the plan is to preserve and increase the value of your contributions to the investment plan in the long term, by making investments in the financial and capital market. To achieve the objective, at least half of the investment plan funds is invested in fixed-income securities, e.g., government and corporate bonds, which ensure stable increase in the investment plan value and protect it against short-term fluctuations.

The investment plan funds are managed by our subsidiary, ABLV Asset Management, IPAS. The Custodian Bank of the plan’s assets is AS “Citadele Banka”. The assets of the investment plan are held separately from other assets of the management company.

Benefits of ABLV Active Investment Plan

  • Knowledge and experience. ABLV Asset Management, IPAS is one of the leading investment management companies and has been managing several mutual funds during ten years. 
  • Efficiency. ABLV Active Investment Plan is managed ensuring the highest efficiency with the lowest costs.
  • Investments in Latvia. We are going to consider and look for options to invest the attracted funds into local companies, thus contributing to the development of Latvian economy.

Subscription to ABLV Active Investment Plan

Any participant of the second pension pillar can subscribe to ABLV Active Investment Plan. The subscription procedure is described below.

  1. Press the button ‘Subscribe to the Plan’ below, and you will be redirected to portal.
  2. Choose the way of authentication.
  3. Confirm your consent to the terms of the electronic service.
  4. Complete the application for choosing or changing the plan of the second pension pillar, selecting ‘ABLV Active Investment Plan’.

Join the plan

For additional information, please call our Client Line at + 371 6777 5555.

  • ABLV Active Investment Plan Profile

    Plan category

    Active investment plan of managing the funds
    of the state funded pension scheme

    Manager of Funds

    ABLV Asset Management, IPAS;
    Jevgenijs Gžibovskis

    Custodian Bank

    Citadele Banka, AS


    Nexia Audit Advice, SIA

    Date of commencing the operations

    October 2017

    Fixed costs, incl.:

    0.60% (p.a.)

       remuneration to the manager of funds

    0.48% (p.a.)

       remuneration to the custodian bank

    0.12% (p.a.)

    Performance fee (charged for capital increase) 0.00% (p.a.)
  • Additional Information

    Description of Latvian pension system, including second pension pillar, can be found at portal, at which information about management companies, investment plans, return, etc. is available.

    Being a participant of the second pension pillar, you can monitor your savings by requesting a statement of the account of the participant of the state funded pension scheme for the desired period.