Term Deposits

For conservative investors, guaranteed yield is one of the most important factors when making savings. Then term deposit is the most suitable option. 

Advantages of our term deposits

  1. Steady preset interest yield on deposit
    • the deposit interest rate is set at the day of placement and is effective throughout the deposit term;
    • we review deposit interest rates on a regular basis and adjust those to the market situation. Different interest rates are offered for each currency, depending on the deposit amount and term.
  2. Opportunity to place a deposit with individual terms and conditions applied
  3. Convenient way of managing your deposits via Internetbank
    • placing new deposits;
    • viewing the status of the placed deposits and the amount of the accrued interest.
  4. Friendly conditions of deposit premature withdrawal
    • in case due to some reasons you wish to withdraw deposit funds earlier, we will perform the transfer within 20 bank days counting from the day of submitting a request for deposit premature withdrawal;
    • in case of deposit premature withdrawal, we will pay you interest income accrued for the term up to the date of deposit withdrawal and not paid yet.

If you need some extra funds, you can count not only on friendly conditions of deposit premature withdrawal, but also can use an overdraft secured by your term deposit, so that you won’t need to terminate your deposit agreement. We also recommend you to consider other investment options: acquiring shares of our open-end investment funds or using individual investment management.

  • Deposit Calculator

    The given information is approximate and can differ from the actual situation.

    For corporate clients
    For individuals
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    Minimal deposit amount is 10 000 USD or euros. If the deposit amount exceeds 1 000 000 USD or euros, a deposit interest rate is set on an individual basis. Please contact us.

  • Deposit-secured overdraft in a few minutes

    Our client, who works in oil and gas industry, is engaged in delivery of drilling equipment and geologic exploration. Once before a long holiday period in Russia, he needed to pay salaries to the staff of his Russian company.
    • At that time, the funds for settlements with employees had been spent, and the partners failed to pay to the company according to the terms agreed.

      Business ethics didn’t allow our client to leave few dozen employees without salary especially just before public holidays, so he turned to us for help.

    • Because the client had signed a deposit agreement, we could offer him an overdraft secured by funds on his deposit, and within few minutes everything was arranged. According to the client’s order we transferred money to Russia, and his employees got paid on time. The client was really happy with such an effective decision and the fact that the company did not dissatisfy its employees.

    Andrei Trofimov

    Head of Private Banking Department East

  • Payment card replenishment at the last minute

    Every year one of our clients from Belarus flies to Germany to Hugo Boss factory near Stuttgart to renew his business clothing. After opening a current account and getting a payment card he left for such a trip.
    • The client rang up to the bank at 18:55, being at the cash-desk in the factory shop. He hadn’t enough cash as well as money on his card to pay for all the chosen goods. The situation is quite common, but always really unpleasant. At this moment our goal is to support the client's good name. Despite the end of the trading day, we offered the client a bonus overdraft for his card account in the amount of the money needed, so he could pay for all purchases.

    • Our several employees, who are responsible for making such transactions: inputting information into the banking system and sending data to the processing center, were required to stay at work. Within half an hour necessary operations were executed successfully and the client paid for the purchase with his card. He was very grateful to us and now is actively using our services.

    Mark Mizgayev

    Head of Private Banking Department Center I