Having acquired a certain amount of wealth, you need to preserve and increase it. Savings ensure confidence today and more opportunities tomorrow.

For conservative customers, we offer savings accounts and deposits for different terms.

Short-term savings can be accumulated by depositing funds in savings accounts. Those ensure flexible management of your holdings: a savings account can be replenished without limitations, and you can also withdraw funds, having notified us in advance.

Term deposits provide an opportunity to make medium- and long-term savings.

Whenever you need additional funds to quickly perform some payments, you can always receive an overdraft secured by your deposits with the bank, without premature withdrawal of funds.

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  • Savings Accounts

    If you wish to make savings and gain extra yield on your investments, meanwhile having funds at your disposal, we offer you the opportunity to place funds to savings accounts. 

  • Term Deposits

    For conservative investors, guaranteed yield is one of the most important factors when making savings. Then term deposit is the most suitable option. 

  • The beginning of a good credit history

    Our client, working in the sphere of industrial and marine equipment wholesale, experienced an urgent need for funds to pay for delivery to his partners. The balance of his current account didn’t allow him to make a payment in the required amount, so the client turned to us for help.
    • At that time, the client opened an EXTRA savings account with the funds he didn’t plan to withdraw urgently. We offered him an overdraft secured with the money on his saving account, the client agreed and managed to make a payment to his partners.

    • Then the client paid off the overdraft ahead of the schedule, and as it turned out it was the first loan in his life. Thus, with our help, the client retained the image of a stable and reliable partner in the eyes of his partners and, in addition, earned a good credit history.

    Andrei Trofimov

    Head of Private Banking Department East

  • Payment card replenishment at the last minute

    Every year one of our clients from Belarus flies to Germany to Hugo Boss factory near Stuttgart to renew his business clothing. After opening a current account and getting a payment card he left for such a trip.
    • The client rang up to the bank at 18:55, being at the cash-desk in the factory shop. He hadn’t enough cash as well as money on his card to pay for all the chosen goods. The situation is quite common, but always really unpleasant. At this moment our goal is to support the client's good name. Despite the end of the trading day, we offered the client a bonus overdraft for his card account in the amount of the money needed, so he could pay for all purchases.

    • Our several employees, who are responsible for making such transactions: inputting information into the banking system and sending data to the processing center, were required to stay at work. Within half an hour necessary operations were executed successfully and the client paid for the purchase with his card. He was very grateful to us and now is actively using our services.

    Mark Mizgayev

    Head of Private Banking Department Center I