Having acquired a certain amount of wealth, you need to preserve and increase it. Savings ensure confidence today and more opportunities tomorrow.

For conservative customers, we offer savings accounts and deposits for different terms.

Short-term savings can be accumulated by depositing funds in savings accounts. Those ensure flexible management of your holdings: a savings account can be replenished without limitations, and you can also withdraw funds, having notified us in advance.

Term deposits provide an opportunity to make medium- and long-term savings.

Whenever you need additional funds to quickly perform some payments, you can always receive an overdraft secured by your deposits with the bank, without premature withdrawal of funds.

Savings accounts and EXTRA savings accounts

Interest income accrued from 24.02.2018 till 27.03.2018 was calculated and credited to clients’ current accounts by 29.03.2018. Given the 0% interest rate adopted on 27.03.2018 for all savings accounts, the positive balances of all savings accounts were transferred to clients’ current accounts, while the savings accounts were closed on 04.04.2018.

Information on state guaranteed protection of deposits to the depositor is here.

Information on Disbursement of Guaranteed Compensation is here.