Information on ABLV Asset Management, IPAS remuneration policy and practices

ABLV Asset Management, IPAS (hereinafter — the Company) personnel and remuneration policy (hereinafter — the Remuneration Policy or Policy) is set within ABLV Group. The Remuneration Policy has been developed for the purpose of recruitment of employees possessing appropriate qualifications and their motivation, meanwhile not encouraging assumption of excessive risks, alongside evaluation of the long-term impact of the work performed by the employees.

The Remuneration Policy establishes the remuneration system that:

  • does not encourage assumption of risks inadequate to the risk profiles and prospectuses of the mutual funds and investment plan (hereinafter — the Investment portfolios) managed by the Company;
  • does not restrict the Company’s ability to ensure stable financial situation and solvency;
  • corresponds to the Company’s investment strategy and the investment strategy of the Investment portfolios managed by the Company, as well as corresponds to cautious and efficient risk management.

The Remuneration Policy and respective normative acts are developed and approved by the Company’s parent company. The implementation of the Policy is ensured by the Company’s Chairman of the Board under supervision of the Company’s Council.

Full version of Statement of Information Disclosure on ABLV Asset Management, IPAS remuneration policy and practices in 2018 is available here (in Latvian).