ABLV High Yield CIS USD Bond Fund

Fund type Corporate Bond Fund
Fund manager Integrum Asset Management IPAS, Sergejs Gačenko
Custodian bank Signet Bank
Auditors Nexia Audit Advice
Inception date June 2007
Management fee 1.75% (p.a.)1
Investment certificates subscription fee 1.00%
Investment certificates redemption fee -
Minimum investment amount 1 000 USD
ISIN LV0000400331
Nasdaq Riga code ABLHYBFR
Bloomberg ticker ABLVHYU LR
1 based on the net asset value

Investment policy

The corporate bond fund's investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing fund's assets in debt securities issued or guaranteed by commercial companies or credit institutions registered in CIS states.

Risk profile

The fund’s synthetic indicator indicatively represents the fund’s risk category on a scale from 1 to 7, based on the fund’s performance volatility during the last 5 years. The higher this indicator, the higher is fund’s performance volatility. The stated fund’s risk category cannot be guaranteed and may change in course of time.

Additional information on fund’s synthetic indicator and fund’s associated risks can be found in document “Basic Information for Investors”.

Pay attention

The historic performance is no guarantee for the fund’s future performance. This material is informative and it cannot be regarded as a proposal or recommendation to purchase or sell fund’s investment certificates mentioned herein.

Regarding the restriction on transactions with the investment certificates of ABLV High Yield CIS USD Bond Fund

In response to the Russia's destabilizing actions in Ukraine, the European Union and the US OFAC have imposed new sanctions on Russia in unprecedented scale, including targeting the Russian credit institutions and making it difficult or impossible to perform the settlement transactions with the respective credit institutions. As a result of the imposed sanctions, also the transactions with and settlement of the financial instruments issued by the Russian issuers are not executed or are restricted, because the financial market participants, including within the European Union, have set restrictions on trading with the respective financial instruments.

Consequently, the investment fund ABLV High Yield CIS USD Bond Fund (hereinafter - the Fund), which in accordance with the Fund's prospectus invests in bonds issued by CIS issuers and has a significant share of the portfolio of the financial instruments consisting of the Russian issuers, is also directly affected by the restrictions imposed by the international financial market participants.

Considering the above circumstances, Integrum Asset Management, IPAS (hereinafter - the Company) concludes that an extraordinary situation has occurred, because of which the transactions with the Fund's financial instruments cannot be executed. Pursuant to the Section 54, Paragraph three of the Law on the Investment Management Companies, Clause 11.5 of the Fund's Prospectus and the decision of the Company's Board, the redemption of the Fund's investment certificates is suspended for the duration of the said extraordinary situation. Starting from 17:00 on 28 February 2022 acceptance of the investors’ applications for redemption of the Fund's investment certificates is also suspended.

The Company closely monitors the developments in the financial markets and will immediately inform the investors regarding any changes in the redemption of the Fund's investment certificates in a separate notice.