ABLV Mutual Funds

ABLV mutual funds enable you to place your funds under professional management and achieve diversification of financial risks.

For the majority of potential investors, the best solution is to have their funds managed by a professional. We believe that the most demanded and simplest way of such management is investing in funds.

Funds are managed by our affiliate company ABLV Asset Management. ABLV Bank is the fund’s custodian bank. Fund’s assets are separated from assets of the custodian bank.

Mutual funds’ return as at 28.02.2018

ISIN Since the beginning of 2018 (YTD) Year 2017 Year 2016 Year 20151 Annualized return since inception
Government Bond Funds
ABLV Emerging Markets USD Bond Fund LV0000400315 -1.55% 8.92% 6.99% 2.05% 4.99%
ABLV Emerging Markets EUR Bond Fund LV0000400349 -1.24% 9.28% 8.96% 2.31% 4.63%
Corporate Bond Funds
ABLV High Yield CIS USD Bond Fund LV0000400331 -0.71% 5.53% 10.36% 25.30% 5.34%
ABLV Global Corporate USD Bond Fund LV0000400802 -1.06% 3.29% 9.32% -1.58% 2.46%
ABLV European Corporate EUR Bond Fund LV0000400810 -0.57% 2.92% 9.14% 1.47% 4.16%
ABLV Emerging Markets Corporate USD Bond Fund LV0000400935 -0.74% 7.51% 10.23% 0.09% 6.91%
Total Return Fund
ABLV Multi-Asset Total Return USD Fund LV0000400919 -2.05% 8.03% 3.80% -7.07% 1.18%
Equity Funds
ABLV Global USD Stock Index Fund LV0000400323 -4.12% 15.38% -5.24% -6.78% 1.63%
ABLV Global EUR Stock Index Fund LV0000400356 -3.46% 10.22% -4.40% 0.86% 0.03%
ABLV US Industry USD Equity Fund LV0000400836 -3.18% 14.01% -0.27% -1.03% 5.77%
ABLV European Industry EUR Equity Fund LV0000400844 -3.54% 6.96% -2.78% 5.21% 2.32%

1 Except ABLV Multi-Asset Total Return USD Fund and ABLV Emerging Markets Corporate USD Bond Fund, for which return is calculated since funds' inception date.

ABLV Mutual Funds' Reports are available here. Public information about the funds is available on the Exchange Nasdaq Riga.

Investments in open-end mutual funds are rather liquid, and if necessary we ensure withdrawal of assets within few working days.

We are ready to provide financing against pledge of your investments in ABLV mutual funds for the sake of increasing investment amount or for other purposes.

Pay attention

The historic performance is no guarantee for the fund’s future performance. This material is informative and it cannot be regarded as a proposal or recommendation to purchase or sell fund’s investment certificates mentioned herein.