Securities Custody

If you invest in purchasing securities, there is always the question of keeping your assets safely.

We offer financial instruments’ custody and record-keeping services, as well as settlement under financial instruments’ transactions.

Advantages of our depository services

  1. Single financial instruments’ account
    For your convenience, we ensure single account used for record-keeping of all financial instruments, regardless their type, currency, or country of issue, so that comprehensive information on your investments is available to you at any time.
  2. Safety of financial instruments’ custody
    We guarantee safety of financial instruments’ custody due to strict compliance with requirements of the corresponding EU laws. Securities owned by our customers are kept separately from those belonging to the bank, thus ensuring additional safety.

    The clients are offered to hold their financial instruments in central securities depositories in nominee account or individual segregated account. Information about custody of financial instruments is available here.
  3. Support under corporate events of the issuers
    Ownership to financial instruments implies a whole bundle of rights that are exercised under corporate events. We will supply you with timely information about the forthcoming corporate events and ensure the possibility to exercise your rights to your best benefit. We provide complete support under corporate events, precisely follow your instructions regarding participation in those, and ensure necessary settlements.
  4. Transferring financial instruments from your account to other accounts — both within the bank and external transfers.
  5. Up-to-date reports and regular portfolio statements.
  6. Opportunity to monitor your portfolio online via Internetbank, viewing charges withheld and other cash flow in your cash account.

Besides safe and convenient way of keeping your financial instruments, you can also receive financing against pledge of investment portfolio, which can be used for purchasing financial instruments or for other purposes. We recommend using all opportunities provided by our brokerage services, including electronic trading platforms.

Contact your private banker to receive more information about depository services.