Trader ABLV

Our investment portfolio management system Trader ABLV ensures opportunities for submitting orders on purchase/sale of financial instruments in the world markets and also provides up-to-date information on changes in value of the financial instruments constituting your portfolio.

Trader ABLV is intended for investors who are:

  • well acquainted with financial markets,
  • ready to make independent decisions,
  • willing to act quickly, responding to market changes.

Main functionality of Trader ABLV:

  • support of all types of financial instruments;
  • placing limit and market orders;
  • complete monitoring of the portfolio status:
    • current financial instruments’ position is displayed online, providing information on profit/ losses,
    • calculations on amount of used and available financing are provided;
  • monitoring execution of orders – from submission till completion, with possibility to amend or cancel orders;
  • order and transaction history.
3 simple steps to start using Trader ABLV
  1. In Internetbank, submit an application for connecting to Trader ABLV.
  2. Download Trader ABLV installation package and install the program on PC.
  3. Ensure funds in the account for trading via Trader ABLV.

All decisions on transactions in financial instruments shall be made by the Customer itself or delegated to a third party, the Customer assuming the risks and liabilities; the Bank shall not be liable for losses arising out of the Customer’s transactions in financial instruments. The Customer shall reimburse the Bank for all losses arising out of the Customer’s transactions in financial instruments.

The Customer recognizes all risks associated with trading via the Platform, including risks pertaining to communication system, remote access system, power supply failure, violations, unauthorized access by third parties.

  • Additional Information for Customers

    Use your Internetbank ID and password to access customer information.