Transactions in Stock, ETF and stock options markets

Transactions in stock market generate more yield, but also are more risky than bond transactions.

We are ready to provide you access to leading global and regional stock markets. You can trade on the major financial exchanges around the world:

Besides transactions in well-known financial instruments, such as stocks and ETF, we offer an opportunity to trade in more risky instruments, like stock options.

Use of brokerage services reveals a wide range of possible transactions for you:

  • margin trading;
  • participation in IPO;
  • different corporate events, like purchase of additional issues and exchange of securities.

Minimum Lots

In general, for stocks traded on US stock exchanges the minimum lot equals 100 shares. Depending on the price of particular securities, the transaction amount can vary greatly. However, if you are interested in purchasing a lot of less than 100 shares, we recommend that you contact our specialists for further explanations on the possibility of carrying out such a transaction.

Options contracts on shares traded on US exchanges have a minimum lot of one contract, where one contract is the right to buy or sell 100 shares. This way, depending on the price parameters of the shares and, accordingly, the options, investors have the chance to manipulate these types of instruments when investing amounts even less than 1,000 USD.

We are ready to grant you financing against pledge of investment portfolio for the sake of increasing investment amount or for other purposes.

  • Income from Capital and Capital Gains Tax

  • Requirements of the EMIR Regulation

  • Expense impact on investment return

    Expenses related to investment services affect the return of the client’s investments. According to the requirements of Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on markets in financial instruments (MiFID II), example should be provided to demonstrate the impact of expenses on the return of the investments made by the client. The examples are provided for illustrative purposes, and those do not guarantee the stated return in future.


    1 000 stocks were purchased at the beginning of the year and sold at the end of the year (purchase price was USD 83.55 / sale price was USD 85.01). Dividends were paid 4 times a year. Return at the end of the year is as follows:

    Return without any fees charged, incl.: USD 3 050
        payment of dividends USD 1 590
        difference between purchase and sale price USD 1 460
    Fees, incl.: USD 120
        brokerage fee for the purchase USD 50
        brokerage fee for the sale USD 50
        custody fee (12 months) USD 20
    Return after the fees USD 2 930

    If there were no fees, the client’s return would amount to USD 3 050. Whereas as a result of charging the fees of USD 120 the return received by the client is decreased to USD 2 930.

  • Additional Information for Customers

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