Transactions in Futures and Futures Options

Futures market provides unique opportunities to invest in various derivatives: stock index, oil, gold, currency, various financial instruments and even weather derivatives.

The main types of derivatives are futures and the following futures options:

  • FX-futures;
  • interest rates futures;
  • stock index futures;
  • energy futures;
  • base metals futures;
  • precious metals futures;
  • commodity futures: timber, agricultural products, etc.

You can trade in the world major futures exchanges. We also provide an opportunity to work in regional markets.

We are ready to grant you financing against pledge of investment portfolio for the sake of increasing investment amount or for other purposes.

  • Income from Capital and Capital Gains Tax

  • Requirements of the EMIR Regulation

  • Expense impact on investment return

    Expenses related to investment services affect the return of the client’s investments. According to the requirements of Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on markets in financial instruments (MiFID II), example should be provided to demonstrate the impact of expenses on the return of the investments made by the client. The examples are provided for illustrative purposes, and those do not guarantee the stated return in future.


    5 contracts (contract size 62 500) were purchased at the price of USD 1.350 and sold at the price of USD 1.376. Return after sale of the contracts is as follows:

    Return without any fees charged USD 8 125
    Fees, incl.: USD 150
        brokerage fee for the purchase USD 75
        brokerage fee for the sale USD 75
    Return after the fees USD 7 975

    If there were no fees, the client’s return would amount to USD 8 125. Whereas as a result of charging the fees of USD 150 the return received by the client is decreased to USD 7 975.

  • Additional Information for Customers

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