Subordinated discount bonds in EUR

ISIN LV0000880045
Issue name ABLV SUB RD EUR 171127
Total issue volume 33 976 000.00 EUR
Securities face value 0,01 EUR
Discount rate (p.a.) Until 18.02.2018 - fixed, 4.25%
After 19.02.2018 - fixed, 0.00%
Coupon rate (p.a.) Fixed, 0.00%
(starting from 6th year, if the bank does not exercise its right of premature redemption of the bond)
Issue date 17.11.2017
Maturity date The bonds shall be redeemed simultaneously with satisfaction of the claims of creditors of a certain order

Base Prospectus of the Seventh Bond Offer Programme pdf, 474 Kb

Appendix 1: Consolidated annual report 2015 pdf, 6433 Kb

Appendix 2: Consolidated annual report 2016 pdf, 1.86 Mb