Subordinated discount bonds in EUR

ISIN LV0000801181
Issue name ABLV SUB EUR 270623
Total issue volume 12 608 900 EUR
Securities face value 0,01 EUR
Discount rate (p.a.) Until 18.02.2018 - fixed, 4.25%
After 19.02.2018 - fixed, 0.00%
Coupon rate (p.a.) Fixed, 0.00% (starting from 6th year, if the bank does not exercise its right of premature redemption of the bond)
Issue date 27.06.2013
Maturity date The bonds shall be redeemed simultaneously with satisfaction of the claims of creditors of a certain order

Amendments made: misprint corrections have been made in the Final Terms of Offer of the First Bond Issue Series in EUR — ABLV SUB EUR 270623 for the sake of raising funds for subordinated capital increase in Latvian – in the table provided in clause 3 on page 3, bond maturity date was changed to 27 June 2023, and on page 4 in the same table, public offer end date was changed to 21 June 2013.