Authorization Tools

To manage your assets via Internetbank, an authorization tool is required.

Authorization tools, which generate unique codes used to confirm the activities of their holder, allow us to guarantee high security level of remote services. We offer several types of authorization tools to meet the needs of any customer.

Electronic code card

Electronic code card is as large and thick as a common payment card, and it easily fits in your purse. Using it is very simple: having pressed the only button, the unique authorization code will appear on the screen. The codes generated by this device are unique and can be used only once. Thus, electronic code card ensures high security level and convenience of using our remote services.

Mobile Digipass


Ensuring top security level and being user-friendly, mobile Digipass is available for Apple devices and devices with Android operating system. Mobile Digipass can be acquired in the Internetbank and then activated on a mobile device. One mobile Digipass can be activated and used on several mobile devices simultaneously. Mobile Digipass can be easily used without Internet access, using ordinary Internetbank on PC with mobile device serving as code calculator.

Compact Digipass 270


Digipass 270 is a small authorization codes generating device that guarantees the highest security level when using our remote services, since access is allowed only after PIN-code is entered. The device is automatically blocked if incorrect PIN-code is entered five times, and it can be unblocked remotely, thus ensuring maximum security of Digipass 270.