Safe Deposit Boxes

Most businessmen and wealthy people are interested in safe storage of important documents, jewellery, or other valuables. Probably, you have though about it as well.

We offer you renting a safe deposit box. You can choose between boxes with different dimensions, rent them for indefinite period, and also provide access to your safe deposit box to other users – e.g. your family members.

A safe deposit box can only be accessed after mandatory customer identification. Just one person at a time can stay in the vault. Thus, the highest level of security and confidentiality is ensured.

You can authorize your private banker to store documents in your safe deposit box. This allows you to store your personal or business documents without need to personally come to take or leave them in the safe deposit box. The documents are kept in safety, and you can either access them yourself or instruct your private banker to give those documents to some person stated by you. You won’t need to send the documents, thus avoiding related risks and expenses. 

Contact your private banker to receive more information about safe deposit boxes.