Starting from 14.03.2018, it is allowed to execute outgoing payments in EUR from your cash account for brokerage services.

Outgoing payments from the cash account for brokerage services to other banks are allowed in the internetbank upon the following conditions:

  • payment type — Payment to euro area or International payment;  
  • currency — EUR;  
  • fee type — SHA or BEN;  
  • receiver — only the client itself;  
  • information to receiver — Balance transfer of cash account for brokerage services.  

Please note that the payment may be returned if the receiving bank will decline its execution.

  • IBAN verification

    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a number of the customer’s bank account as per international numbering standards.
    • IBAN structure: first two letters – state code, then follow two check digits and a combination of letters and digits or digits only – code of the bank and/or its branch and the account number (the number of characters depends on the IBAN length used in a particular country).
    • In electronic form, IBAN should not contain any spaces, punctuation marks or other symbols (in printed form only, IBAN may contain spaces to split characters into groups and thus make it better discernible).

    Advantages of the IBAN Format

      • IBAN allows identifying customer’s account in a particular financial institution or its branch.
      • Check digits confirm correctness of the specified customer’s bank account number.
      • Specifying account number in IBAN format, you lessen the potential for errors or delays in performing a transfer, and also lessen the possible risk of incurring additional costs due to manual transfer processing.
  • IBAN Verification

    You can verify IBAN of any country:

  • Additional Information for Customers

    Use your Internetbank ID and password to access customer information.