SMS/E-mail Notifications

When expecting an incoming payment you don’t need to check your internetbank — be informed about it simply receiving a notification in your mobile phone or email.

Activate SMS/ E-mail notifications to have up-to-date information sent to your mobile phone or email about the movement of funds on your account and card authentications.

The notification will contain the following information:

  • Account type, 2 control digits and 4 last digits of your account number, as well as account currency;
  • Transaction sum and currency;
  • Information on the sender or receiver of the funds;
  • Information on the type of payment.

In order to be sure that the SMS notification comes from us, check the number/address of the sender. It should be:

  • +371 2569 5555;
  • statement.

In case you have applied for email notifications, make sure the sender’s address is

SMS/E-mail notifications can be activated in internetbank. Go to Cards and Accounts, choose “SMS/E-mail notifications” or contact your private banker.