If you need to quickly increase the amount of funds available in your account, you can use overdrafts — this is the most convenient solution for receiving financing before receiving and incoming payment to your account.

We can offer you:

  • Unsecured overdraft;
  • Overdraft line;
  • Short-term loan secured by incoming transfer.

Overdrafts and overdraft lines are secured by your deposit or savings accounts balance, or funds available in your current account in another currency. Overdraft can also be granted to a customer in case another customer acts as a guarantor, pledging his/her/its funds held with the bank as overdraft collateral.

If your cooperation with us is long and successful, we can offer you an unsecured overdraft for the term of up to 1 month, so that you can make planned payments.

If you need extra funds for a longer term, you can use an overdraft line, which can be secured by customer’s current or savings accounts balance, or a term deposit.

When a company needs to increase its current assets for a short term, we can offer an unsecured overdraft line. This being the case, extra funds will be made available in the customer’s account following an evaluation of the account transactions. The amount of borrowed funds is expressed as a percentage of the customer’s average monthly account turnover.

When you expect to receive an incoming payment and already have a document confirming funds debiting from the payer’s account, you can apply for a short-term loan secured by incoming payment, so that your planned transactions are performed in a due time.

If you are engaged in international trade, we offer you exploring the advantages of settlement performed using documentary operations and trade finance.

  • Payment card replenishment at the last minute

    Every year one of our clients from Belarus flies to Germany to Hugo Boss factory near Stuttgart to renew his business clothing. After opening a current account and getting a payment card he left for such a trip.
    • The client rang up to the bank at 18:55, being at the cash-desk in the factory shop. He hadn’t enough cash as well as money on his card to pay for all the chosen goods. The situation is quite common, but always really unpleasant. At this moment our goal is to support the client's good name. Despite the end of the trading day, we offered the client a bonus overdraft for his card account in the amount of the money needed, so he could pay for all purchases.

    • Our several employees, who are responsible for making such transactions: inputting information into the banking system and sending data to the processing center, were required to stay at work. Within half an hour necessary operations were executed successfully and the client paid for the purchase with his card. He was very grateful to us and now is actively using our services.

    Mark Mizgayev

    Head of Private Banking Department Center I

  • Overdraft for the successful development of business

    In spring of 2010 during the volcanic eruption in Iceland our client, the supplier of seafood products, got in trouble. Shortly before the eruption, he ordered a batch of seafood in Spain and made a prepayment
    • Due to the interruption of flights, perishable goods were not delivered on time. Not having received the goods, he could not supply them to his customer and get paid. Suppliers agreed to return the prepayment to our client, but it would take time. He did not have enough money to prepay purchase of other goods.

    • The client informed us about his problem and asked for advice. His private banker, having assessed the situation, gave him an overdraft. Thanks to funds provided, the client was able to order goods on time and within a week, when he got back the prepayment from his partners he could fully repay the overdraft.

    Andrei Trofimov

    Head of Private Banking Department East