Settlement and Cash Services

From the whole range of banking transactions, all of us definitely use settlement and cash services — regardless of our location, age and marital status.

Nowadays, money are an integral part of our lives. We offer settlement and cash services that allow you manage your personal and business funds easily and efficiently.

For your convenience, we offer a wide range of settlement services: payments, account balance maintenance, currency exchange, regular payments and other services. Thus you can always find a proper solution for performing your money transactions.

Contact your private banker to receive a solution
tailored exactly to your needs!

  • Payments

    We know that you need funds transferred to your account to be at your discretion as soon as possible, and that is why we credit payments in major currencies to your account on the day those are received. Not less important is to ensure that funds sent by you reach beneficiary without delay. 

  • Currency Exchange

    Due to continual execution of currency exchange transactions and wide partner network, we can exchange virtually any amount at favourable rate.

  • Cash Services

    Cash withdrawal or deposit, as well as any operations with bank notes, are carried out in ABLV Bank Headquarters and Mortgage Loans Service Department.

  • SMS/E-mail Notifications

    When expecting an incoming payment you don’t need to check your internetbank — be informed about it simply receiving a notification in your mobile phone or email.

  • Overdrafts

    If you need to quickly increase the amount of funds available in your account, you can use overdrafts — this is the most convenient solution for receiving financing before receiving and incoming payment to your account.

  • Payment just in time

    Our client supplied electronics from Germany. The cargo was formed at the end of the working week and the amount of the invoice was clear in the last minute (Thursday or Friday), therefore there was a real risk of cargo downtime.
    • The German partners could miss the incoming payment for goods and the cargo van could stand in the parking lot during the whole weekend because in Germany truck driving during the weekend is prohibited.

      The private banker together with specialists from the bank’s Payment Department settled such path of the payment to the beneficiary bank that the amount was to be on the account of the counterparty within 2-3 hours after being sent from our bank.

    • We sent the payment at 10 a. m. on Friday, the cargo left the warehouse already at 1 p. m., and at the end of the day managed to get to the border of Poland, where the trucks are allowed to drive on Saturday.

    Vladislavs Serdjuks

    Head of Private Banking Depertment North

  • The beginning of a good credit history

    Our client, working in the sphere of industrial and marine equipment wholesale, experienced an urgent need for funds to pay for delivery to his partners. The balance of his current account didn’t allow him to make a payment in the required amount, so the client turned to us for help.
    • At that time, the client opened an EXTRA savings account with the funds he didn’t plan to withdraw urgently. We offered him an overdraft secured with the money on his saving account, the client agreed and managed to make a payment to his partners.

    • Then the client paid off the overdraft ahead of the schedule, and as it turned out it was the first loan in his life. Thus, with our help, the client retained the image of a stable and reliable partner in the eyes of his partners and, in addition, earned a good credit history.

    Andrei Trofimov

    Head of Private Banking Department East