Internetbank for iPhone

When there is no computer with Internet access within reach, but you need to check your account balance or replenish your payment card, the Internetbank application for iPhone will be helpful. The application also ensures creating, signing, and sending payments and applications to the bank, including those prepared by private bankers following your instructions.

We offer you using our Internetbank for iPhone to monitor your accounts (balances of current, card, cash, and other accounts), create, view, sign, and send prepared payments and applications to the bank any time at your convenience. Also, using the application you can easily send your details to your partners via SMS or e-mail.

Now you neither need a computer with Internet access, nor have to run ordinary Internetbank on a cell phone with a small display to send the documents — just install our Internetbank for iPhone available on AppStore and use it for managing your accounts. The login and authorization tools are the same as those in the ordinary Internetbank.

For users who frequently use our Internetbank application for iPhone, we offer using the unique device identifier as a second authentication factor. Thus, given your consent, our Internetbank application will be able to automatically recognize particular iPhone device used by you for accessing the Internetbank and will not request input of electronic code card or Digipass value (second factor).

The application features intuitive design conforming to iPhone usage patterns. To satisfy needs of each client and facilitate use of the application in different light conditions, there were two contrast versions developed, which can be switched between at the start screen.

Due to taken security measures, you can be absolutely sure about information safety.

Install ABLV Internetbank for iPhone