Internetbank for iPad

Tablet computers became an integral part of our everyday life. Due to their size and convenient use, large part of everyday transactions is performed via tablet computers. Internetbank for iPad is a modern, elegant and user-friendly application, developed in accordance with iPad peculiarities and ensuring as many functions of main Internetbank as possible.

The application developed by us ensures as many functions of main Internetbank as possible — from viewing account balances to managing your investment portfolios. Accounts, payment cards, payments, deposits, investments, and credits will always be at hand, whereas convenient mailbox will keep you informed of messages and reports sent by the bank.

To meet needs of each customer and facilitate the application use in different light conditions, the application developed in accordance with our corporate style allows choosing between two high-contrast versions — dark and light ones, as well as between landscape and portrait layout.

The user ID, password, and authorization tools for payments and applications are the same as those in the main Internetbank.

For users who frequently use our Internetbank application for iPhone, we offer using the unique device identifier as a second authentication factor. Thus, given your consent, our Internetbank application will be able to automatically recognize particular iPhone device used by you for accessing the Internetbank and will not request input of electronic code card or Digipass value (second factor).

Due to taken security measures, you can be absolutely sure about information safety.

Install ABLV Internetbank for iPad