Travel Insurance

Holders of VISA and MasterCard cards issued by us can obtain a travel insurance policy covering unforeseen medical and a number of other expenses which may arise during trips abroad. 

When obtaining a VISA Gold or MasterCard Gold, VISA Gold Businessor MasterCard Gold Business, VISA Infinite, VISA Platinum card from us, the insurance policy is offered free of charge. The annual premium for VISA Classic or MasterCard Classic is 25 EUR. Insurance premium for the entire policy validity period are withheld when issuing the policy.

The validity of the insurance contract corresponds with the period of card validity. When the card is renewed, if you do not wish to forego further insurance, a new policy is automatically started.

  • Urgent replenishment of the payment card

    Our client, a supplier of spare auto parts, found himself in a delicate situation when with his family and friends travelled to Thailand. In addition to the credit card he already had with our bank, before the trip he ordered a debit card.
    • On arrival to Thailand, the client spent a fair amount of available cash on Thursday evening, and on Friday he was short of money. Instead of the credit card he had his debit card, which he replenished for his holiday needs. The family and friends did not have any money at all expecting him to have enough money.

    • Then, on late Friday the client called his private banker, whose working day due to the time difference was not finished yet, and by just a phone call he received a bonus overdraft in amount of 20 000 U.S. dollars on his debit card to continue his vacation with no problems. In such a situation the client was definitely grateful to us for lending him our shoulder.

    Andrejs Jermoņins

    Head of Private Banking Department South

  • Excellent concierge service

    Before the trip to Venice, our client received Visa Infinite payment card with the Concierge service option. However, upon his arrival at the place he faced a problem: together with his family the client was refused in accommodation at the hotel, as for unknown reasons, the hotel reservation had been canceled.
    • The hotel staff assured our client that the booking hadn’t been received from him, and at the moment the hotel had no free rooms. Finding himself on the street, the client called the bank and asked his private banker for advice. Assessing the situation, the private banker suggested to the client that he could safely take advantage of concierge service, for instant, to order another room.

    • The private banker connected the client to an employee of the Concierge service, and in 10 minutes, the client was offered the same room in the hotel he originally booked. How a member of the Concierge service has managed to check-in the client in the hotel with no rooms available still remains a mystery.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West