SMS or E-mail Notification

Our task is to improve security of using payment cards and minimize risks arising in case of lost cards or fraudulent operations, thus making cards even more attractive and valuable product. 

SMS/E-mail notification is the chance to get a statement on any card authorization to your mobile phone or e-mail. The statement contains the following information:

  • the last 4 digits of the card;
  • the date and place of authorization;
  • the result – successful or unsuccessful (reason for refusal);
  • the amount and currency authorized;
  • available balance remaining on the card account after authorization.

To secure that SMS notification statements are sent by us, make sure that they are received from the following number: +371 2561 5555 or from e-mail address, if you have applied for e-mail notification control service.

To turn on SMS/E-mail notification, please contact your private banker.

  • Reliability of the payment card

    In his frequent travels our client uses ABLV payment cards thanks to their major advantages – a separate card account, competitive prices and most importantly SMS-notification of transactions made with the card.
    • During one trip a defrauder took possession of the client’s card data and made several fraud purchases. Due to SMS-notification service the fraud was stated and the card was blocked thus allowing saving the client's money.

      We replaced the blocked card with a new one as well as provided the client with the necessary information about fraudulent transactions.

    • Although the client underwent minor losses, he is very grateful to us, since we managed to save much more money both on his card account and on a separate current account. This case proved again that the client had chosen the appropriate financial partner.

    Vladislavs Serdjuks

    Head of Private Banking Department North

  • Quiet holiday with the payment card

    Having holiday on Tenerife, our client receives an SMS-notification about an unsuccessful attempt to pay with his card in the USA. He immediately called us and confirmed that he was not in America at the time but in another country.
    • Due to our SMS-notification service the client was immediately informed on unauthorized attempts to use his card data, so he contacted us with hid order to block the card.

    • Fraud’s attempts to pay off by the stolen card were unsuccessful, as our risk management system recognized such transactions as unusual by special algorithms designed and based on years of our experience in servicing payment cards.

    Mark Mizgayev

    Head of Private Banking Department Center I