Easy and safe means for money access.

Wide range of different types of cards offered by the world major systems VISA, MasterCard, American Express enables us to select necessary set of cards for any customer – whether a rentier, an owner of a small trade company, a multinational holding with hundreds of employees or a small family.

Unique choice of card account currencies, attractive design of cards, advantageous set of additional services, and also high technology level – these features make our cards convenient and safe.


  • all cards have microchips
  • cash flow in the account is controlled using SMS or e-mail
  • transaction monitoring, limits for cash withdrawal and purchases
  • 24-hour card blocking service


  • 24-hour access to money
  • no need for declaring funds when travelling
  • automatic exchange in currency of the country you are in
  • travel insurance
  • automatic card account balance maintenance
  • information on transactions and card management in Internet bank
  • lending opportunities