Legal and tax advice

Our lawyers will help you in solving various issues — from drawing up small agreements and up to the management of complex projects.

Due to wide partner network worldwide, we are able to provide professional and comprehensive advice on international law, and our stringent confidentiality requirements ensure you necessary comfort level.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in legal support of projects on buying and selling real estate, equipment supply, service delivery and trade operations. In addition, they will provide you competent support in solving various legal issues and render other necessary legal services, such as assistance in buying or selling a business, advice on legislation issues, drafting of model agreements, etc.

Probably, tax advice is the most demanded and useful service, and it requires advisors to have working knowledge of both local and international laws.

Our officers have extensive experience in providing tax advice; they understand the principles of international treaties and monitor changes in tax law of major jurisdictions.

You can get advice on tax optimization for both individuals and businesses. An extensive network of partners around the world allows us to offer efficient, comprehensive and proven solutions to our customers.

We also ensure accounting for our customers and their Latvian companies, providing the full range of accounting services, including filing of Latvian tax returns for individuals receiving income in Latvia.

Besides legal and tax advice, we also offer you a set of asset protection services, and administrative services for business or project management.

Contact your private banker to receive more detailed information.

  • Real Estate Purchase

    The process of acquiring real estate and movable property (yachts, boats, planes) is usually complex and varies in different jurisdiction.

  • Registration of trademarks and intellectual property

    Use of trademark and other intellectual property to increase the company’s value and attract customers.

  • Tax Planning

    We study tax consequences of transactions and also work out business models, taking account of local and international tax laws.

  • Anti-offshore regulation and international treaties

    Given the growing involvement of offshore sector in international business, there is a need to control its impact on global economy and financial system in general .

  • Bookkeeping services

    One of main areas of ABLV Corporate Services operations is rendering of bookkeeping services. Due to having long work experience, we have developed a service enabling the customers to be confident during everyday use of foreign companies .

  • Property in Nice

    Our client bought the property in Nice. Nice is an expensive city, where it’s not so easy to buy property, so you must comply with the terms and conditions of the sales agreement, including those relating to payment procedures, and adhere to the deadlines.
    • To pay the entire amount of the purchase the client planned to use money got from the sale of his property in Jurmala. Both copies of the sales agreement were already signed, but due to unforeseen circumstances, there was a delay in the client’s obtaining of one million euro as the security for the sale of his property. By that time the deadline for the remaining amount for the purchase of the property in Nice came; otherwise the client risked losing his pledge.

    • We were in the full control of the deal with Jurmala property sale, and we knew when the client would receive the money. So we gave him an unsecured overdraft in the amount of $ 500 thousand euros short. The loan was approved by the Credit Committee and issued to the client within two hours.

      The same day the seller in Nice received the money.

    Vladislavs Serdjuks

    Head of Private Banking Department North

  • The deal without any cause for worry

    Our client from Moscow picked out an apartment in Riga, which she planned to buy. She did not know the seller, so she asked us to help her with registration of the deal.
    • We organized a bank meeting with the client, the apartment seller and our representative. To close the deal successfully the parties agreed to use the escrow account through which our client was able to buy the chosen apartment without any worry. The seller was also satisfied with the payment procedure, because the escrow account supported his interests as well.

    • Since our client became the owner of real estate in Latvia, we also proposed to arrange the residence permit in Latvia for her family that would allow them to travel freely in the European Union. Within a few weeks this issue was successfully fixed, and our client’s confidence in our bank strengthen even more.

    Andrei Trofimov

    Head of Private Banking Department East