Commercial Companies

Various forms of business and possibility to establish companies in different jurisdictions provide wide opportunities for managing risks and optimizing costs of your activities.

In different countries, there are different conditions applicable to various forms of business, and this allows choosing the company form and place of incorporation that are most suitable for a particular purpose within your business or personal activities.

The most popular tasks accomplished by commercial companies are the following:

  • acting as intermediary in international trade (trade companies);
  • holding shares of companies (holding companies);
  • rendering personal and professional services (service companies).

The main advantages of using foreign commercial companies are the following:

  • optimum profit distribution between resident and non-resident structures (transfer pricing);
  • country risk management with regard to the country of operations, including exchange control and other limitations;
  • possibility to apply international treaties on investment protection.

We provide advice on business forms existing in various countries and assistance in company registration. Moreover, we are always ready to offer you tax advice, efficient settlement and cash services, as well as payment administration services.

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  • Trade Companies

    Opportunity to build a model of delivering goods or rendering services with minimum tax costs is often crucial for commercial success.

  • Latvian Trade Companies

    Our customers increasingly use Latvian companies in international trading business.

  • Holding Companies

    Well-considered establishment of a holding company can reduce or even eliminate the income tax applied to dividends, interest, royalties, and capital gains .

  • Latvian holdings

    Since 2013, a special preferential tax regime for international holding companies is implemented in Latvia.

  • Service Companies

    Many individuals rendering professional services may receive substantial tax benefits by establishing a service company.