Change of Tax Residency

Tax laws of some European countries are rather attractive for wealthy families.

Thus, achieving considerable wealth level, a family might consider changing its tax residency after thorough estimation of benefits provided for by legislation of each particular country.

  • Switzerland
    Opportunity to pay fixed annual income tax that is assessed by particular cantons based on the value of rented property.
  • Great Britain
    Special tax regime applicable to persons that have tax resident status, but not reside in Great Britain permanently, allows income received and spent outside the country to be exempt from taxation. 
  • Monaco
    No income tax levied on individuals.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Small island state that offers good conditions of receiving citizenship and also liberal tax laws. More information for ABLV client.

Following your request, we will provide advice on becoming residents or citizens in other jurisdictions.

Although change of tax residency is a serious and potentially complicated process, it ensures a number of benefits:

  • Advantageous taxation of income
    Tax laws of some European countries offer considerable tax breaks under which income received outside the country is exempt from taxation or is subject to low taxes.
  • Opportunity of moving to Europe
    Together with tax resident status a customer usually obtains residence permit, which allows staying in a country for indefinite period. Thus, a family can move to some of developed European countries.
  • Personal security and living standards
    European countries mostly ensure better security and higher living standards than developing countries. This also applies to education and health care.

We advice our customers on changing tax residency, as well as provide legal advice and payment administration services.