UK residence permit and citizenship

We offer you assistance in preparing documents and handling necessary formalities from obtaining investment visa to being granted citizenship of the UK. We will provide advice on the UK immigration and tax laws throughout the whole immigration period.

UK provides investors official and convenient way of receiving immigration visa, providing an opportunity to permanently reside in the UK and be granted a permanent residence permit and citizenship in the UK later.

Conditions of obtaining citizenship

To be assigned the status of investor, a customer needs to have at least GBP 1 000 000 and invest at least GBP 750 000 in the British economy, e.g. in government bonds, share capital or debenture bonds of British companies. Moreover, the investor’s spouse and minor children are also allowed to live in Great Britain together with the investor.

Investor can obtain the UK citizenship after 6 years elapse, provided minimum requirements to staying in the country are met. The procedure of obtaining the UK citizenship consists of four stages.

Procedure for obtaining citizenship

Step 1.The customer transfers required amount to the customer’s accounts with ABLV Bank and, assisted by ABLV Corporate Services, prepares necessary documents in the customer’s country of residence.
Step 2.The customer submits documents for reviewing immigration visa application to the UK embassy / consulate in the customer’s country of residence
Step 3.The customer receives immigration and, assisted by ABLV Corporate Services, makes investments in the UK securities.

Usually, the application for receiving immigration visa is reviewed within 60 days.