Citizenship and residence permits

Citizenship and residence issues become increasingly more topical for our customers. Education, healthcare, and possibility to easily travel across Europe without restrictions are highly valued by affluent families.

It is much easier to meet the requirements to obtain a residence permit than those under obtaining the citizenship, and the former do not include substantial donation of funds to be made by the investor. Moreover, in most cases, residing in the country while holding the residence permit results in obtaining citizenship (passport) of this country (of course, given the customer’s wish to obtain the same).

ABLV Corporate Services provides advice on obtaining citizenship and residence permits in the following jurisdictions:

Our specialists will provide explicit answers to all your questions, including those regarding the details of taxation and obtaining the resident status, as well as practical issues of choosing real estate, school, university, and family physician.

Contact your private banker to receive more detailed information.

  • Change of Tax Residency

    Tax laws of some European countries are rather attractive for wealthy families.

  • Latvian Residence Permits

    A residence permit allows travelling in Schengen area without visa. Moreover, you don’t need to stay in Latvia permanently to maintain the residence permit.

  • UK residence permit and citizenship

    We offer you assistance in preparing documents and handling necessary formalities from obtaining investment visa to being granted citizenship of the UK. We will provide advice on the UK immigration and tax laws throughout the whole immigration period.

  • Citizenship in Malta

    Since February 2014, the Republic of Malta has started the citizenship programme by investment for foreigners.