Charitable Foundations

In most countries, charity is ensured legislative support, and therefore the charitable foundation and its donators are provided tax benefits.

Charitable foundation is an independent legal entity that directs donations to charity. In most countries, charity is given support by legislation, and the foundation as well as donators are provided tax benefits.

It should be noted that a charitable foundation cannot be used for personal wealth protection or tax optimization. The time when legislation of some country allowed carrying out commercial activities under the guise of charity and thus evading payment of taxes, is over. Nevertheless, such foundations can effectively use funds for charitable purposes.

Main advantages of using charitable foundations

  • Charity systematization
    The main problem encountered by successful businessmen and wealthy families are random requests for donations or financial support submitted by organizations and individuals. Having its own charitable foundation, the family can identify types of charities to which it is ready to allocate funds, alongside establishing clear rules of providing financial support.
  • Building public relations to strengthen the business and family reputation
    Charity plays a very important role in activities of successful businessmen and wealthy families. Own charitable foundation is useful for strengthening family reputation, since it has its own unique mission and values, while being a complete legal entity.
  • Long-term charity planning
    Charitable foundation sets strict rules for charitable activities for many years to come. Families often establish foundations that invest the initial amount donated during first years of the foundation’s operations and use generated proceeds for charity purposes. The charitable foundation also may determine members of the foundation council and the board, as well as set the rules for appointment of new managers.
  • Control over utilization of funds
    Unlike occasional charitable activities, establishing a charitable foundation the family can engage in charitable projects directly and determine conditions of providing assistance. Therefore, complete situation control gives confidence that assistance is provided in the most efficient way.
  • Participation in public and/or international projects
    Charitable foundations can raise additional financing and participate in international or public projects, strengthening the family reputation and expanding opportunities for charitable activities.

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