Payment Administration

Payment administration is a service of fiduciary management of your accounts.

This service might be interesting for persons and companies that value their time, but are unable or unwilling to manage their accounts on their own or delegate such management to their employees.

Using payment administration, you authorize our specialist to pay regular bills, thus you don’t need to fill in payment orders on your own and validate those using your test-key.

Besides payment administration services, we offer a wide range of payment cards to ensure simple and safe way of accessing your money, the cards allow you both managing your personal funds and establishing most optimal model of making payments to your company staff.

To start using the service, you need to complete an application, the minimum validity of which is 12 months.


  • Receipt and automatic payment of bills
  • Transfers performed without accessing Internetbank
  • Execution of regular payments
  • Efficient and fast service
  • Individual approach to customer’s needs