Administrative Services

Flexible administration opportunities: from managing your payments to employing staff and administering separate lines of your business.

We offer the following administrative services to individuals and companies:

  • fiduciary management of your accounts with ABLV Bank;
  • administering your overseas offices in Latvia or Cyprus;
  • managing your projects;
  • staff recruitment for managing your business.

If necessary, we are always ready to provide you tax advice and legal advice.

Contact your private banker to receive a solution
tailored exactly to your needs!

  • Business Administration

    Business administration is a service that might be interesting for customers needing a fully featured office abroad (a representative office, holding company or a company acting as counterparty).

  • Payment Administration

    Payment administration is a service of fiduciary management of your accounts.

  • Family Office

    Family office ensures full range of services and professional support to wealthy families, relieving the customers and their family members from everyday routine .