About Resuming Work After Proceedings Carried Out by the Law Enforcement Authorities

Riga, Latvia, June 15, 2020, 12:30 / Banking

On 13 June 2020 at the legal address of ABLV Bank, AS in liquidation at 7 Skanstes Street, building 1, in Riga, officials of the state law enforcement authorities carried out scheduled proceedings. These proceedings were carried out in the course of the criminal action initiated several years ago, which is in no way related to our current operation. ABLV Bank in liquidation cannot comment anything on the content of the proceedings.

Today, on 15 June, the work of the company continued in the usual order, working on the recovery of assets of the bank, as well as on satisfying recognised and verified creditors’ claims.

ABLV Bank in liquidation shall continue providing all the necessary assistance to the law enforcement agencies in execution of their functions and tasks. It should be noted that ABLV Bank in February 2018 has already turned to the law enforcement institutions, asking to check the publicly voiced claims about the probable involvement of the bank in criminal offences. Previously the bank had received acknowledgments from the law enforcement institutions for help in solving criminal offences, including the acknowledgments from the U.S. institutions.