About Resuming Work of ABLV Bank in Liquidation after Proceedings Carried Out by the Law Enforcement Authorities

Riga, Latvia, January 29, 2020, 17:43 / Banking

On 28 January 2020 at the legal address of ABLV Bank in liquidation, at 7 Skanstes Street, Building 1, Riga, the representatives of the state law enforcement authorities carried out previously planned proceedings that were related to the need to check historical transactions of certain former clients of the bank and obtain documents sought. 

The law enforcement agents completed their proceedings and left the building by midnight. This morning the work was resumed as usually, working on the recovery of the assets of the bank in liquidation, as well as satisfying recognised and checked creditors’ claims.

ABLV Bank in liquidation is not entitled to comment on the content of the proceedings carried out, but we can confirm that those were in no way related to the voluntary liquidation process of the bank. There were no suspicions voiced against any of current employees of ABLV Bank in liquidation. During the proceedings carried out at the legal address 7 Skanstes Street, Building 1, Riga, no one was detained.

The representatives of ABLV Bank were cooperating with the law enforcement officers, providing them with all the requested information and documents. ABLV Bank in liquidation is acknowledging the professionalism and tactful attitude of the officials of the Office of Special Prosecutor to Fight Organised Crime and Other Areas, the Corruption Prevention and Combatting Bureau and the invited officials of the Financial and Capital Market Commission on duty.

As it did before, ABLV Bank in liquidation shall continue providing all the necessary support to the law enforcement authorities in fulfilment of their functions and tasks. It should be noted that earlier in February 2018 ABLV Bank in liquidation turned to the law enforcement authorities by itself asking to check the publicly voiced allegations about ABLV Bank in liquidation being involved in crimes. Previously the bank had been thanked by the law enforcement authorities for help in exposure of crimes, also from the U.S. authorities.