All Types of Payments in Internetbank for iPhone, Direct Access to Tallinn and Vilnius Exchange and Other Winter Innovations

Riga, Latvia, December 14, 2017, 10:00 / Banking

New ABLV Bank bond issues, ABLV Bank becoming a direct participant of Tallinn and Vilnius exchange, executing payments with insufficient funds for paying the fee, list of new options in Internetbank app for iPhone and mobile Digipass free of charge — all this is already implemented or will be launched soon for our clients convenience.

1. New ABLV Bank Bond Issues

Our bond issue programme volumes are constantly growing. Currently there are 21 our bond issues of total face value exceeding EUR 700 million in public hands. Since 2011, when we started public bond issues, we have executed already 47 issues of face value amounting to EUR 1.5 billion.

We are going to continue bond issue programme, under which three times a year we perform new ABLV Bank bond issues. On 22 February 2018, according to the schedule the two issues of straight bonds will be redeemed. Therefore, in the beginning of 2018, we are performing two new bond issues identical in their size — the straight coupon bonds of the amount of USD 75 million and EUR 20 million.

It is planned that the subscription to the bond issues will start in January 2018. The parameters of the planned issues shall be as follows:

  • Coupon bond issue of USD 75 000 000
    (issue name: ABLV FXD USD 230220)

    The issue size is USD 75 000 000. The number of bonds is 75 000. The face value of one bond is USD 1 000. The annual interest rate is fixed: 2.25% with coupon payment twice a year. Initial placement price is 100% of the face value. The issue date is 23 February 2018, and the maturity date is 23 February 2020.
  • Coupon bond issue of EUR 20 000 000
    (issue name: ABLV FXD EUR 230220)

    The issue size is EUR 20 000 000. The number of bonds is 20 000. The face value of one bond is EUR 1 000. The annual interest rate is fixed: 1.00% with coupon payment twice a year. Initial placement price is 100% of the face value. The issue date is 23 February 2018, and the maturity date is 23 February 2020.

The provided parameters are indicative. The applicable bond issue parameters shall be included in the final terms of bond issue approved by the Board of ABLV Bank, AS and shall be published to the investors immediately after being submitted to the Financial and Capital Market Commission.

2. ABLV Bank — Direct Participant of Tallinn and Vilnius Exchange

With the improvement of investment services range, ABLV Bank has become a direct participant of Nasdaq Vilnius and Nasdaq Tallinn exchanges. Thus, we have a direct connection to Lithuanian and Estonian Nasdaq CSD.

With this new status, we can decrease the fee for custody of securities issued in Lithuania and Estonia: from 0.24% to 0.12% per annum.

3. Executing Payments with Insufficient Funds for Paying the Fee

Starting from 10 January 2018, our clients will not have to worry about whether there are enough funds for paying the fee for executing the payment.

Further on, in cases there is not enough cash in the client’s account for charging the fee, it will be withheld as technical overdraft:

  • if returned on the same day, it will be free of charge;
  • starting from the following day, an interest rate for using the capital shall be applied in the amount of 60% p.a.

4. More Options in Internetbank App for iPhone

As we develop our Internetbank app for iPhone, starting from 8 January, we introduce several major innovations aimed at improving this Internetbank app user experience.

Further on, in Internetbank app for iPhone the clients will be able to perform all types of payments to euro area, international payments and payments in Russian roubles. Also, there will be an option to create and use payment templates.

For convenient overview of the account balance, Internetbank app for iPhone will offer balance check without additional authorisation. The Quick Balance button will be available on the homepage of the app, and this option can be activated in Settings.

Also the clients will be offered to choose one more option how they can receive notifications about incoming and outgoing amounts in their current account, as well as about authorisations of the payment cards. In additional to the existing SMS and E-mail notifications, clients will be offered Push notifications in their iPhone and iPad.

In order to keep the clients up to date about the cooperation with the bank, incoming messages from private bankers, as well as regular reports will be available in iPhone Internetbank app. The incoming messages section is going to be a great addition to the existing option to submit messages to private bankers conveniently.

5. Mobile Digipass Free of Charge

December is a month of pleasant surprises, so now we offer mobile Digipass to clients free of charge.

The Internetbank authorisation tool mobile Digipass ensures the top security level and the best user experience. It is available both for iOS and Android OS users.

Clients can order Mobile Digipass in the Internetbank and then activate it on their mobile device. One obtained Mobile Digipass can be activated and used on several mobile devices at the same time. It operates even without network connection when working in the Internetbank on the computer, while mobile device can be used as code calculator.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!