ABLV Bank supported inspirational book publication

Riga, Latvia, November 14, 2016, 14:07 / Banking

On Thursday, 10 November, at the National Library of Latvia, export support movement Red Jackets together with the Minister of Culture Dace Melbārde and representatives of the most prominent Latvian export brands, including ABLV Bank, presented inspirational book Treasures of Latvia - Outstanding Export Brands and Inspiring Talents.

ABLV Bank has supported publication of the book telling about the Red Jackets award winners in 2015: the most prominent Latvian export brands and the rising stars. The texts about companies are supplemented with stories of worldwide-known Latvian musicians, soloists, artists, architects, sportsmen, writers, poets, and philosophers.

The book will be available to general public in Jāņa Rozes book stores from 15 November.

‘We do not just celebrate the book publication, but also rejoice that we have and will have export brands of high quality, as well as talented people to be proud of. The stories presented in two books so far – and the number of books will reach three by 2018 – enable us to make a name of our country and to tell who we are,’ initiator of the Red Jackets movement Inese Andersone emphasized at the presentation.

Whereas ABLV Bank Chairman of the Council Oļegs Fiļs said, ‘Latvia should find its own way within the globalization. The focus cannot be solely on manufacturing and traditional industries, such as agriculture and wood processing. There should also be strong and globally competitive service sector, and target focus areas should be assessed to work on their development. The development of service industry does not require huge investments or use of the funds of the European Union. Latvia should find its own niche on the global market, meanwhile welcoming investors and talented people to Latvia.’

ABLV Bank is proud of each Latvian company able to find the market for exporting its services. Therefore, we decided to supply foreign embassies of Latvia with the copies of this inspirational book, so that even more consumers and investors learn about Latvian export talents.

It should be noted that by 2018, when Latvia will celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Red Jackets movement plans to summarize 100 export brands and have three such inspirational books published. So far, 50 Latvian companies have been named the best export brands by the Red Jackets, and 25 companies obtained the Rising Stars award.

The Red Jackets is the support movement for Latvian exporting brands, which aims to create a compelling and coherent narrative of Latvia as a country of origin – where we come from, what our values are, how we differ – and encourage export companies to use this story to unify communications about the values and qualities.