On Changes in AmberStone Group, AS Holding Structure

Riga, Latvia, November 2, 2016, 09:33 / Banking

AmberStone Group, AS holding company has established a new subsidiary, AmberStone Hotels, SIA. The share capital of AmberStone Hotels, SIA amounts to EUR 2 000 000. Respectively, ABLV Bank, AS has acquired indirect qualifying holding in AmberStone Hotels, SIA (via AmberStone Group, AS where ABLV Bank holds 24.64% of shares).

This information is considered to be inner information of ABLV Bank, AS.

AmberStone Group, AS is a holding company established in 2013 that manages its subsidiaries and affiliate companies operating in various areas. The main long-term financial objective is to increase the value of the holding as well as to ensure sustainable operations of its subsidiaries and affiliate companies. There are 103 shareholders in AmberStone Group, and the biggest shareholder is ABLV Bank, AS owning 24.64% of shares of the holding company. The holding company owns 70% of Vaiņode Agro Holding, SIA; 60% of Orto klīnika, SIA; 22.66% of Grindeks, AS; 100% of ASG 1, SIA; 90% of ASG 2, SIA; 100% of ASG 3, SIA, 100% of ASG 4, SIA, and 100% of AmberStone Hotels, SIA.