Our new products and services

Riga, Latvia, February 11, 2013, 12:17 / Banking

Convenient and simple procedure of obtaining products and services, clearer presentation of information, availability of bank products also on holidays, expansion of investment opportunities — these are the major objectives of improving our products and services, the review of which we present you.

1. Intrabank transactions — also on holidays

From 1 March this year, our customers will be able to perform intrabank payments every day – 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On holidays, via the Internetbank it will be possible to perform payments between accounts of one customer – without amount limitation, except payments to and from cash accounts, and also perform payments to other customer of the bank, provided the payment amount does not exceed EUR 10 000 or equivalent amount in other currency.

2. Card credit security deposits — effective until discharge of secured liabilities, indexed interest rate applied

In order to make the process of providing security under credit liabilities easier, from 1 March we will change the conditions of payment card credit and AMEX guarantee security deposits. All new security deposits will not be made for a fixed term, but will be effective until discharge of secured liabilities. According to the new conditions, the interest rate of all security deposits will be reviewed twice a year.

3. Financing against pledge of investment portfolio now available also in RUB

We continue expanding the opportunities of obtaining financing against pledge of investment portfolio, and from 11 February the financing will be available not only in USD and EUR, but in RUB as well.

4. Possibility to choose investment portfolio revaluation currency

Starting from 11 February we are offering our customers the possibility to choose portfolio revaluation currency on their own. The chosen currency will be used in reports on the investment portfolio sent to customers and also for displaying the portfolio status in the Internetbank.

5. New issues of ABLV Bank bonds

Continuing our bond issue programme, we currently offer you three bond issues announced in the middle of January: straight bonds in EUR, issue size: EUR 20 million, straight bonds in USD, issue size: USD 50 million, and subordinated bonds in USD, issue size: USD 20 million.

Earlier we have already issued ABLV Bank bonds, the total face value of which amounted to LVL 154 million. We will continue implementing our bond issue programme in the future.

6. Transaction search in the Internetbank, explanation on the blocked amounts, and other nice innovations

Improving our account management tools, from 11 February we are offering new Internetbank version, the major innovation in which is the transaction search feature. This instrument allows searching for particular transactions performed in account, using different search criteria.

The new Internetbank version also ensures explanation on amounts blocked in the account, so that you can easily understand what payment card authorizations and other account transactions caused unavailable amount in the account. There are also other nice changes made in the Internetbank.

7. Preparing documents in the Internetbank instead of customers

From 11 February, we begin offering new service, not available in Latvia before — preparing applications and orders in the Internetbank instead of customers. Following customer’s order given over the telephone or verbally, the private banker will be able to prepare any payment or application instead of the customer. The prepared document will be displayed in the Internetbank, and for execution of the same the customer will just need to sign it.

8. iPhone Internetbank application for sending documents

Signing and sending documents will be even more convenient, as iPhone application is launched, which will become publicly available free of charge in March. The application is made according to our brand, and it has new intuitive design, corresponding to peculiarities of using iPhone.

Using iPhone application, which will be available in Apple Store under the name “ABLV”, customers will be able to see their account balances, sign and send payments and applications to the bank, including those prepared by private bankers following customer’s request.

Ilmārs Jargans
Head of Public Relations Department
+371 6777 5296